Top Five Ski Destinations in the World


If you are a serious skier with a love for the adrenaline that comes from skiing a new slope, then you may want to save your pennies for a couple trips to the world's best ski destinations. A couple land on the North American continent, but a few will take you too amazing foreign lands.

Cortina, Italy is primly located in the prestigious mountains of the Alps. Resorts such as Rosa Alpina are located on traffic-less streets and are world famous for the beautiful winter scenery. Cortina is actually ones of the world's oldest ski-resort cities, but it has turned itself into a modern place to be.

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France is like Cortina in that it holds the same historical value. This ski destination is home to one of the world's longest ski runs, reflecting 13.7 miles down the breathtaking French Alps.

Zermatt, Switzerland will land you on runs in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Nearby cities of Gstaad and St. Moritz only add to the peaceful and serene atmosphere of these resorts.

Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada is of course on the list. Whistler offers hundreds of choices of international foods as well as many five-star resorts. This ski destination is consistently rated as number one or two in the entire North America.

Aspen, Colorado comes in as the number one ski resort in the world consistently. Aspen draws in some of the world's most famous people as well as the top skiers in the entire world. Aspen offers many different ski options from novice to advanced hills, which makes it wonderful for families with people of all ages.

Source by Billings Farnsworth



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