Ljubljana Property Investment In Slovenia


Slovenia is a popular overseas property investment destination and was recently voted one of the top destinations in the world and Ljubljana property investment has been one of the most popular destinations so lets look at it.

Ljubljana property investment is popular as its in the capital of Slovenia is an obvious place for overseas property investors to buy.

There is a shortage of high quality property in Ljubljana and demand simply outstrips supply.

There are good opportunities for both capital growth, as well as solid rental incomes and many investors are making 30% annually or more in capital gains.

Slovenia is one of the newest countries to join the European Economic Union (joining in 2004) and has the strongest economic growth rate of any of the new member states. This economic growth is centered on Ljubljana which produces around 25% of Slovenia's entire gross Gross Domestic Product.

Property in Ljubljana is seeing strong rises and these gains look set to continue for the foreseeable future.

The limited supply of housing is exacerbated by restrictions on land planning and building new property and are the two factors behind this growth.

Ljubljana has been compared to a smaller, more intimate and friendly version of Prague and there are many similarities in its appearance.

The city has a vibrant, lively, atmosphere and while typically Slovenian overseas tourists and investors have made it very cosmopolitan. The city skyline is dotted with church spires, quaint medieval buildings and beautiful baroque architecture.

In the first half of the 20th century, Ljubljana's appearance which lives on this day was shaped by one man – Joze Plenik. Joze Plenik was a great architect and was also a resident of Ljubljana.
The cityscape was complemented by his followers as well as by creations of the "New Wave" of young architects which have helped give Ljubljana its appearance and charms anyone who visits the city.

The population of Ljubljana is around 260,000, making the city compact and easy to get around with an efficient transport network.

June to September is the high season for visitors, temperatures vary between warm and pleasant to hot and humid. Autumn is typically mild and the falling leaves; give the city a warm and intimate feel. Winter is usually cold and the snow brings a new wave of visitors who come to enjoy the capital but more importantly, use it is as a stopping off point to go to the mountain resorts and enjoy the skiing.

Ljubljana is a great base to use to explore the other delights Slovenia has to offer.

The Karst region, the beautiful Adriatic coast and city of Piran, the Julian Alps mountains, the wine-growing areas and many historic towns are all within approximately 2 hours by car to the capital. Finally, Ljubljana makes a great base to explore surrounding countries such as – Austria, Italy and Croatia.

With budget airlines increasing the number of flights into Slovenia as tourism booms access is easier and cheaper than ever before.

The tourist s are coming in increasing numbers but so are the overseas property investors looking to buy Ljubljana property in ever increasing numbers.

For those who want to invest in Ljubljana property, there are good investment opportunities in the city center as well as the increasing areas and prices are very affordable in terms of the gains to be had.

The Slovenia property boom is still very much in its infancy and looks set to run for many years to come. In fact a recent TV program forecast that growth would be up to 280% over the next 10 years and many locations in Ljubljana have been exceeding 30% per annual.

With growth rates of up to 30% or even more in some locations its no wonder more investors than ever are investing in Ljubljana property and with low downside risk to it makes a great destination for investors seeking great capital growth and income from their investment.

If you are thinking of investing in Ljubljana property make sure you visit the city and look at its potential and you may be glad you did.

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