Finding the Best Winter Break


Tour operators and major airlines operate all year round and have to maintain their profit margins. For those seeking either the winter sun or snow, you can find good holiday deals for this time of year.

We all get fed up with the UK weather at this time of year and many people book a winter break. If you want to get away to the sun, then the most popular winter sun destinations include the Canary Islands, Spain and Egypt. These destinations offer excellent and consistent temperatures but it is also worth remembering that Europe can also offer plenty of alternatives. If you can afford a long haul holiday, then the Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations with Bahamas and Barbados favorites for everyone. Or you could go further afield and try some of the delights of the Indian Ocean such as Goa and the Maldives.

Skiing holidays are associated with the winter and the most popular places include France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland or anywhere in Europe that offers snow and mountains. Many travel to America or Canada where skiing is a national pastime. Skiing was once the hobby of the rich and famous but prices have declined in recent years and there are many good deals around for all types of skier, from the learner to the more experienced. Make sure you check the projected snow falls of the area that you choose – in recent years, some resorts have seen declining levels of snow which has made skiing sporadic.

If you just want to get away for a winter holiday city ​​break, there are shopping trips available to all major cities of the world, from Paris to New York. You can combine your Christmas shopping with sightseeing and take in the traditional culture of winter in other cities of the world. As a rule of thumb, prices will be higher over the holiday period so if you are able to get away before or after, then you stand a better chance of a cheaper deal.

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