Can You Make Money Surfing the Web?


That is a good question and one that a lot of people have wondered. Several years ago, there were these companies that touted just this. You would download their special browser which is loaded with ads and for every ad they showed you, you would get paid a few pennies. Now, if you signed up others under you then you would get paid a little bit out of every ad they watched. And it continued down like this for 7 levels.

Of course, if you were at the top, you'd be making bank. This is what is known as a pyramid scheme. Think of how many others you will need to convince and for these, they will not be making much at all. It will not take long for them to realize that this is a joke, a few pennies here and there just do not add up fast enough. And really, who is going to sit around and watch ads all day and make $ 1 dollar an hour? Maybe if someone was really, really bored!

But, there's another way to go about doing this. As you're surfing, if you start to take note of what others are posting about, like their needs, wants, and desires. If you see a need that is not currently being met by any product currently on the market, you can take advantage of that and create that product for them and sell it and make boatloads of money. Or if you know of a new product that they do not know about and you tell them about it and send them through an affiliate link, you can make pretty good money that way too

Source by Sohel Katir



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