5 Things To Do At A Ski Resort That Do not Involve Skiing


Skiing is a favorite pastime for many vacationers, especially during the winter months. It is not uncommon for resorts to fill up their reservations at a record pace once skiing season hits, and yet many people still do not know how to ski or simply do not enjoy it. Why would they bother booking reservations if they are not interested in the number one activity the resorts are meant to cater to? Because, there are many other fun things to do at a ski resort many of which do not require skiing at all. Here are 5 things to do besides go skiing.

1. Snow Shoeing

Strapping on what looks to be a tennis racket onto your boots and going for a casual walk in the snow does not seem that fun, but many are surprised to find out how fun it actually is. Using snow shoes allows one to distribute the weight of the body more evenly in the snow which allows for a less strenuous walk through it while experiencing a unique feeling of stepping onto the surface of snow rather than through it.

2. Snow Tubing

Those who do not know how to ski or sometimes have suffered injuries in the past and are limited due to previous knee or joint injuries, are perfectly capable of snow tubing. Snow tubing is exactly what it sounds like; grabbing onto an inner tube and screaming down the mountain. Some tubes have steering guides and others are simply tubes. Either way, you are sure to have fun in this simplified version of a ski-like activity.

3. Staying in

Who says you have to go out into the cold. You're on vacation and can do whatever it is your heart desires. Rather than raising up and heading out into the cold, stoke a hot fire and cuddle up watching a movie or playing board games inside. With comfortable lodging, there is no reason to head outdoors if you do not want to.

4. Participate in Après-ski

You do not have to spend your whole day skiing to participate in Après-ski or the old tradition of socializing after a day of skiing. Skip the slopes and go straight to the socializing at a pub or lobby of your choice.

5. Fine dining

You can enjoy the beautiful mountain views from indoors with an evening movie, meet your friends for Après-ski, and continue the night with some fine dining. A quality resort will either have a restaurant in it, or can point you in the direction of the finer dining establishments in the area. You do not have to work up an appetite on the slopes to deserve a well needed meal complete with wine and some live music.

There are many ways for you to enjoy yourself on or off of the ski slopes. Use these 5 tips to enjoy yourself, even when the motivation to suit up and face the cold wavers.

Source by Christopher Rivera



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