How to Buy The Best Horse Trailers


If you're thinking about transporting your horse, the best way to do it is with horse trailers. Types and designs vary broadly due to varying situations and there are lots to choose from. Before getting a horse trailer, there are many important decisions to make.

The main purpose of the horse trailer is to move horses from one place to the next in the most convenient way. Horse trailers do different in size, design and function. SUVs and other large vehicles are often used to pull these trailers.

First, think about the trailer entrance. A trailer entrance acts as a ramp and can be different from another trailer entrance. The reason why you should think about this is because horses have their own preferences on how they're going to enter the trailer. One way to know your horse's preference is to have the horse test different ramps. To make things easier, ask for advice from friends who have horse trailers.

The next thing you need to consider is how your horse is going to be positioned in the trailer. There are two types of loads and these are slant and straight load. A slant load can accommodate more horses because of the slightly sloped design on two sides of the load. On the other hand, a straight load can accommodate just one horse, where the horse stands on a straight platform.

Finally, consider the bumper pull or gooseneck. The main difference between the bumper pull and gooseneck is that the gooseneck leaves more room. For instance you can have living quarters or a dressing room. Whether you decide on a bumper pull or gooseneck really depends on what you may require. Remember, the costs can vary in this case, so choose wisely.

Now that you know a little bit about horse trailers, do not forget to base your decisions on your horse's requirements. Decide on the appropriate trailer size to make sure your horse gets enough room. Measure the largest horse you plan to move and keep those measurements in mind before entering sales sites. Upon entering those sites, simply use a measuring tape to determine which size trailer is the best choice.

After that, ask about lighting. There should be ample amounts of light inside, since horses are particularly nervous about the dark. If you're already familiar with how your horse copes in the dark, then you can use that knowledge when deciding on the best trailer.

You should not overlook proper ventilation. Without this, your horse will never want to walk into the trailer. What's worse is that the trailer can become pretty hot and smelling nasty inside.

Finally, consider the overall safety of a trailer. Make sure moving parts are sturdy and the lights and brakes are working properly. Flooring and braces must be checked as well.

Now consider your needs. Before purchasing a trailer, consider your budget, how many times you're going to use the trailer, and the trailer's load capacity. You can simply ask sellers what type of trailer you might need, but it's better to discuss more in detail. Remember to also consider your tow vehicle, as a trailer may require you to have a larger one. Horse trailers can range from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000 depending on the type of horse trailer you need.

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