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About three years ago now I started my online search for legitimate work at home jobs. I must say it has not been easy and I must of lost thousands of pounds getting scammed. But I have some good news for you about 5% of all the legitimate work at home jobs out there on the web are legitimate and you can make money.

The problem is finding this 5%. The reason for me writing this article is to prevent new people looking for work at home jobs getting scammed like I did. I would like to pass onto you the three years of my knowledge knowing what websites are legitimate work at home job opportunities and the ones that are not. Firstly please take my word for it if you come across any website offering you the chance to work from home filling out surveys run a mile.

I would not touch this kind of business with a barge poll because it simply does not work. I've tried this so called legitimate work at home job and it didnt make me a penny. What I found was after I paid to join and I started to fill out the surveys instead of offering me money for my efforts they offered me online vouchers for discounts on DVD players and other electronics.

Another one you should not touch with a barge poll is surfing the web for money and getting paid to answer e-mail. Again your just getting scammed and they do not offer you money for this even if they say they do they do not instead they offer you vouchers. I've tried all of them and there all the same and you can not get your money back even if they offer you a 30 money back guarantee.

Please be aware of the programs I've mentioned above. But now looking on the plus side I have been searching online for 3 years now for legitimate work at home jobs and have come across some little gems. OK the first one I would recommend you check out is information publishing this business is legitimate and you can make a fortune.

Even thought this is a real business you still need to be taught from people that are making money from this venture and you will need step by step guidance via online video. If you stay with me I will show you were to go to get hold of the videos free of charge. Another good place to start when looking for legitimate work at home jobs is eBay.

Any one with a pay pal account can set up a online eBay business and you can make a really good living online how does $ 20,000 per month sound because this is how much you can make from eBay if you know were to get whole sale products to sell . Again I will show you were to go if you stay with me.

OK so we have looked at 2 very good jobs you can do online – "Information Publishing & E-Bay". The two businesses I've mentioned above are the only businesses I recommend you look at when your just starting out. Its quite simple to do and you can even put your two businesses together and they work side by side all will be reviled.

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