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At the afternoon of internet, it was dubbed as information superhighway. Many years later, it is still an information superhighway where countless people go to everyday to search for answers.
At a superhighway, the traffic is fast, busy, and goes to different directions. In analogy, people surfing the internet want information fast; they are busy; and they want to know both the upside and downside of what they are looking into.
Following the above principals, here's how writing articles for online consumption should be:

1. Keep it simple. Use day-to-day words and phrases that people can refer to. You are not writing a dissertation, so make your language understandable to the general reading public.

2. Enumerate. Use numbers or bullets to drive your point. It is easier to read and keeps the interest for busy readers.

3. Draw from the personal. Blogging is very popular and is predicted to be the future of the internet because it is so interesting. When you speak from your own experiences, it is so much easier to write and easier to read, as well.

4. Drop the formality. In technical writing that we learn from college, we can not use the first person or the 'I "and" me. "But the internet has redefined that rule. thoughts.

5. Get to the point. Do not waste your readers' time. Remove any phrase or sentences that may sound good but does not fit or make sense.

6. Do your research. Again, do not waste your readers' time. Their time is as valuable as yours. If you have no basis for what you are writing about, then you are better off writing fiction. The internet is not the medium for imaginary things.

7. Follow through with a catchy headline. Plenty of articles in the internet, including those that can be found in very popular major websites, just have catchy headlines or titles. Reading on, you would find that they are just articles bordering on stupidity and nonsense. If you have to write an article do not just stop at a catchy headline, follow through with an informative content.

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