No Time For Meditation – Come Off It


A lady once asked me how much time she should spend meditating. When I said, “about 15-20 minutes 2 or 3 times a day,” her eyes widened and she said that she didn’t have that much spare time in her busy day.

I asked her how much time she spent each day watching TV,

How much time she spent listening to the radio or music,

how much she spoke on the phone,

how much she spent reading books and newspapers,

how much she spent on hobbies and other pastimes such as going to the gym,

how much time she spent surfing the web & reading emails,

how much time she spent cooking & cleaning,

how much time she spent sleeping (some people sleep too much),

how much time she spent socialising and chatting to friends.

It turned out that she couldn’t possibly shave-off some time from all her other tasks to give a few minutes to one of the healthiest pursuits for mind and body ever devised.

One interesting thing about meditation is that when you get into the routine of doing it, 20 minutes can pass in a flash.

Often times I’ve sat down to do my meditation, set my timer for 20 minutes, (I use the timer on my phone) closed my eyes, and after about what feels like 5 minutes hear the timer beeping.

“That can’t possibly be 20 minutes,” I think, but when I check the clock, 20 minutes has definitely passed.

Also the time spent meditating is returned to you many times over. You can get more things done in the same time. Things seem to go smoother with fewer hitches.

When you meditate regularly, life is easier.

Source by Mike Hughes



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