Uvex Uvision Vario Ski Goggle Review


The Uvex Uvision Vario Ski Goggle is an expensive, but very fancy, winter sport goggle with more bells and whistles than most similar products. Most notable is the electronic LCD in the polycarbonate lens, which, when a button is pushed, can increase or decrease the level of tint depending on conditions. Changing the tint level is easy, and it is quite effective, making these goggles a versatile and excellent choice for those days where the sun just will not stay put. While this feature could have been added as gimmick or an excuse to jack up the price, it proves very useful and effective. It's just up to you whether or not it's really a necessary feature.

The lenses themselves are durable and well-made, not fogging up even when I started to sweat under them. The foam lining on the Uvex Uvision Vario Ski Goggle proved very comfortable, though nothing special, and started to itch at the end of my ski day. This is nothing new, especially since I did not take any breaks through my entire day. Any goggle, when left on for so long, will become itchy, so the Uvex Uvision Vario Ski Goggle actually performed well well by not becoming itchy until the end of my ski day. The further fact that the lenses never fogged up reflect the real quality of this goggle.

The Uvex Uvision Vario goggle performed excellently and was easy to adjust for different lighting conditions, but you'll have to carry around extra batteries in case the goggles run out of juice. While the batteries last a long time, there's no telling when they will run out, and changing the batteries on the slope is a hassle. Not knowing how long you have left, for me there was an element of nervousness when using the Uvex Uvision Vario Ski Goggle, as I was always thinking "this might be the time" when the batteries need to be changed. So, while the electronic tint adjustment system is effective, I've almost never got to worry about whether or not I have enough power left for another day on the slopes. This is not a reflection of the quality of the Uvex Uvision Vario Ski Goggle; I just prefer the simplicity of a non-electronic goggle because it's less to worry about. For the gear junkie who has to have the latest and greatest, though, the Uvex Uvision Vario Ski Goggle is a great little ski goggle with enough advanced features to satisfy any show-off on the mountain.

Source by James Bantum



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