Gentlemen Start Your Engines With A Race Car Theme Party


If your little boy is full of energy and you're looking for a party theme to keep up with his increasing liveliness then, a race car themed party is just the thing to satisfy him. Having a race car theme presents excitement, creativity and a memorable experience to those who attend. NASCAR, Daytona, Indianapolis are all popular races that can be featured at your party.

Be prepared to fill the party with games, fun and an overall good time. A few weeks before the party, collect large boxes and paint them in different colors. At the party each child will receive their own box. Supply paint, stickers, large numbers and anything else they'll need to create their very own race car. With the bottom of the box cut out, the children can wear the boxes around their waists and have races with each other. Or, you can supply go carts for the children to take turns racing each other. Racing costumes and gadgets will add to the look and help get the kids in the racing mode. Online their are lots of shops that have supplies for parties.

Here is an easier craft to do, cut large triangles out of paper. Give one triangle to each child. Allow the children to decorate the triangle in different ways to create their own racing flags. Attach each flag to a stick and hang them around the party as decorations. Investigate recipes where you can make the food look like little race cars. The kids will get a kick out of the fact that the racing does not stop off of the track.

Do you know anyone who owns a race car or a hot rod? You might ask them if they would bring it to the party. The kids could take a picture in it or next to it. The picture in a nice frame or a frame that the children have decorated themselves would serve as a nice party favor.

Source by Gail Leino



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