The Truth About Making a Living As a Horse Racing Handicapper Or Greyhound Dog Racing Handicapper


Times are tough and a lot of people are looking for ways to make a second income or even a first income. One way that some people think they might make some money is by betting on horse races or dog races. I've been betting on horses races for decades and I'd like to dispense some friendly advice. The good news is that it is possible. The bad news is that it is tough to do and also that it is not necessarily a good thing to do when you are already in trouble financially.

I've known people who did make a living by betting on horse races and dog races. Most of them did not have much of a life, but they loved what they did for a living. It was their passion and that is how they succeeded. I've heard some pretty heartbreaking stories about losing wives, homes, families from some pretty good handicappers.

Once again, this may not happen to you, but I've seen some pretty sad figures physically. Many of them were obese and out of shape and stressed out. Their passion and the ups and downs of gambling for a living, and that is what it is, by the way, had left them a nervous wreck.

That does not mean that has to happen to you, but just be warned that if you are passionate and determined to make a living betting on horses or dogs, you may get so involved that you lose your perspective.

That word perspective is probably the key to surviving while making a living betting on horses and greyhounds. If you keep things in perspective, then you may be able to do it well. That means having a life away from and not related to the race track. The best way to do that is to be involved in the lives of other people who do not share your interest in the track or gambling.

I know it is easier to relate to people who like the same things that you like, but that may make you one dimensional if all you ever think about racing and betting on races. Finding something else in life, possibly helping other people in some way, is a good way to keep yourself from becoming obsessed.

Now here is the really good news. Getting away from the track for a day or two a week and helping someone else, will give you a much needed mental and emotional break that will actually make you a better handicapper. You will come back fresh and rested and ready to enjoy your passion without becoming stale. It is what they call a win-win situation for you and the people whose lives you touch, and if you like winning, it is an excellent tip.

Source by Bill Peterson



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