Horses and Ponies Can Be Kindred Spirits


Any animal can become a kindred spirit with a human being, but horses and ponies do have the most incredible ability to find affinity with children.

If you want your child to find the meaning of real unconditional love, then get them a pony for there is nothing that can compete with the empathy that can form between a human and a horse or pony. Oh yes, a horse or pony and a girl (or boy boy) be kindred spirits. I have had relationships with horse all my life, and I have had a strange kind of affinity with them all.

Some people are typically drawn to horses; I am simply one of them. It is instinctive, and extremely rewarding to find kindred spirits along life's path, no matter what or what that kindred spirit might be. My first pony was a family pet called Snowy; Snowy had been bought for my older sister, by my mother at a horse and pony sale. Snowy it turned out had been doped before the sale to have in a docile manner.

When my mother got Snowy home and the dope worn off Snowy turned out to be completely wild and could not be ridden by anyone, especially not a small child. Mother had professionals try to back and train Snowy, but Snowy was not having any of it, so my family kept her as a pet only. Snowy just lived her life without being a mystery as the only other alternative would have been to have her put down, and no one with any heart could have done this, least of all my animal loving mother.

By the age of four I had become great friends with Snowy, she was with me a lovely natured animal, and we became the best of friends, we loved each other and became what is called kindred spirits. Together we would amble round the grounds of the mansion in which we lived, me Snowy and Trixie my rescued Border Collie, the three of us inseparable.

I would lye on the grass of the front lawn, with Snowy's head on my legs or mine on her neck, and we would give each other much affection. By the time I was five Snowy would go down on one knee and let me sit on her back, she would amble around the grounds with me on top, no tack or anything like that. I would just hold her main and she decided which path she wished to follow. She was gentle and loving toward me as I was to her, and we formed a bond that could never be broken, we really where kindred spirits.

We lost Snowy to old age when I was twelve, she passed on with her head on my lap, and she just went to sleep and did not wake up, very peacefully and without pain.

I will always remember Snowy with love in my heart and I know one day, when my day comes that we will be together again, kindred spirits in time now gone, and also in a future yet to come.

Source by Linda Corby



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