Ghosts in TV – How Real Are These


Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, Most Haunted, Psychic Kids – those are just a few names of the famous TV shows that deal with ghosts and paranormal. How real these shows really are? Are they accurately representing paranormal phenomena? Are they made just for fun, or are they legitimate documentaries of paranormal activities? It's difficult to answer any of these questions, to be honest.

I'm paranormal investigator myself. I investigate different types of paranormal activity, and this includes "hunting ghosts". I'm using lot of equipments, and I have to admit, my team also uses psychics from time to time. So generally, I know the job, I know how paranormal investigations look like. So I like to believe I have enough knowledge to talk about reality of TV shows in question.

First of all, to make things clear, let's say that not all of the shows above is mean for real investigations. British Most Haunted is my favorite show, because it's not pretending to investigate paranormal. It's entertainment show only, period. They document haunted sites, they do not try to find any proofs – they go in, they shoot their show, they got out. And that's why I like it.

Yes, I have to admit – other shows like Ghost Hunters or Paranormal State, guys there are using real equipment, and they're using lots of real research methods. But they're also using some weird stuff from time to time, methods that can not be legitimate at all, and they appear to be only meant for fun and entertainment. One more thing that I have to say is – weird, that every time people in these shows go for investigation, they capture something weird.

In real life, encountering real paranormal activity is much more difficult. Nearly 90% of all cases is faked or mistaken, and can be explained with logical means. But every of the shows above always show some proofs of extra activity. This might suggest that all of this is included in the scenario, and the teams are always using some special effects.

My theory is simple. Sometimes some time ago those were legitimate shows. But then, the ratings begin to fall. And the producer said: either you're going to fake things to increase our ratings, or we're ending this show. That's how great shows are now being made for money only. And what's sad is that this is putting real investigations in bad light.

But … I guess it's still quite some time before we will find out the truth about ghosts in TV.

Source by Nathaniel Webb



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