Big Baller Brand makes changes to original ZO2, will offer refunds


Big Baller Brand announced Thursday that fans who ordered the company’s original shoe, the ZO2 Prime, will instead get a slightly different model.

The original model now won’t be made. Fans who want the ZO2 Prime they ordered will be eligible for a refund.

The new shoe, called the ZO2 Prime Remix, hit the brand’s website on Thursday morning for $495. Big Baller Brand says 10,000 pairs will be ordered.

CEO LaVar Ball said he isn’t concerned that people who ordered the original model will ask for a refund.

“What happens if you ordered a 2017 diesel and I came out and told you, sight unseen, that I was giving you a 2018 Bugatti for the same price?” Ball said. “You wouldn’t ask for a refund.”

Lonzo Ball, MVP of the NBA Summer League, wore Adidas, Under Armour, Nike and Jordan shoes during the Las Vegas league. LaVar Ball said Lonzo will wear much more Big Baller Brand during the NBA season to promote his shoe, but will still have the freedom to “wear what he wants.”

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