Leadership Skills – The Tools of the Trade


What is one of the key skills every lead member of a company possesses? I'll even give you a hint … this feature is generally found in those that currently lead a team or department. Give up? Why, leadership skills of course! Obtained in our childhood days, and hounded through our adult life, you need to become a master of your own version in order to gain the trust of those you seek to lead. If you are unable to find that common link between your team members, creating a cohesive atmosphere for all will be that much harder. True leadership skills are much more than leading the proverbial horse to water and making it drink. The skill lies more in leading them, and trusting in what they have learned to kick in and come to their own aid. You have to have faith in them, for them to have faith in you.

Second on the list of desirable top business practices is a mastery of communication skills. In today's technologically advanced world, this does not simply boil down to being able to string a few words together. No, it goes much deeper than that. You need to be able to speak well, type well, write well, and sometimes even text well to make sure you are in contact with everyone at any given time. You may be a supervisor with a team of twenty, or a platoon leader watching out for "Charlie", but if you can not keep it together, you may fall victim to a tragic due to lack of communication.

Two of the many key business trains looked for today's world, yet two of the most important. Take advantage of each opportunity that comes your way. If you do not end up sharing an interest in the business, then sometimes it is not the right fit for you. I do not make you a bad person …. Merely someone that knows what they do not want and is discovering what they have had inside all along.

Source by Tony Jacowski



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