Draymond Green says Golden State Warriors have not discussed 16-0 postseason


CLEVELAND — While the Golden State Warriors are sitting on a postseason record 14 straight wins, it has left basketball fans to wonder whether the team is capable of going a perfect 16-0.

The outspoken Draymond Green attempted to diffuse that commentary prior to Tuesday’s practice, saying the Warriors learned their lesson from a year ago.

“We made that mistake of circling 73 [wins] and worrying about the wrong thing before,” Green said. “It doesn’t matter. It would be great, a great story. … If we were able to do that, I don’t think when I talk about a championship I’d say we were the only team to go 16-0. I think I’d say we won a championship. That’s all that matters.”

The only other team in MLB, NFL or NHL history to win 14 consecutive games in the playoffs was the Pittsburgh Penguins spanning from 1992 to 1993.

With a 2-0 series lead on the Cleveland Cavaliers in this NBA Finals trilogy, Stephen Curry also refused to bite on the 16-0 chatter and steered the conversation back to Wednesday’s pivotal contest.

“No, because we’re not [chasing it],” Curry said. “We have a huge hurdle to get over tomorrow. Maybe talked about it a little bit earlier, Game 3 has been a little rough for us historically — and especially in this building. So, to give ourselves a chance at even coming closer to thinking about that, we need to really, really just lock in and give every effort we have on [Wednesday] and how hard this 48 minutes is going to be to really seize control of this series.

“We talked about it before, that 16-0 doesn’t matter in any stretch of the imagination unless that’s a closeout game.”

Golden State is the first team to take a 2-0 series lead in consecutive NBA Finals since the Chicago Bulls in 1996 and 1997.

In thoroughly dominating this postseason, the Warriors’ point differential is +16.9 per game, currently the highest in NBA history. And in the first two games of these Finals, they’re beating the Cavaliers by an average of 20.5 points and have led for 86 of the possible 96 minutes.

The Warriors are 29-1 over their last 30 games dating back to the regular season.

If they were to go 16-0, might they go down as the best team in NBA history?

“I don’t think it ends the argument. Two different eras, playing against different teams,” Green said. “To say if we were to go 16-0, we beat four teams 16 times in a row. But they weren’t the four teams they had to beat.

“I still don’t think there is a comparison to make. Only thing you can measure is the numbers. Everyone wants to make history, but I want to win four games. I just want to win four games. Championship is history. That is the only history we need to make.”

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