Quitting Smoking – Which Department Is In Charge?


In our lives and heads we have many departments. At work we step into one mental space, at home we take the attitude from a different space when playing with our children.

If you were buying a home at first you are in the head space of the excited home owner with the vision of family life in your new home, but you have to swap over to the finance department or you may pay too much.

I find many people live a fair amount of the time in managing their wellbeing department, but for some reason the smoking department is open for business, 24/7.

Some departments are easy to close down, crazy youth department, old relationship departments, etc.

So now it is time to not only close the department, but we need to mark it for demolition, bulldoze it and flatten the site.

The problem when most people quit, they close the doors and leave a key nearby for quit access as in an emergency. And life being what it is an emergency of some kind is virtually guaranteed.

So I strongly recommend that when you book your quit smoking hypnosis session you do so with an attitude of no going back, burning all your smoking bridges, and clearly identify yourself as a non-smoker.

If you come to a session with a thought that you will give it a go, and see what happens, or you hope it will work, then either radically change your thinking or cancel your appointment.

Hypnosis is powerful and effective but it is not magical. You are not a bystander; you are on the field in a central playing position.

You are the fully committed pig in the bacon and eggs meal! I’m sure by now you get the message so here are a few things to help you arrive at the session as a fully committed player.

  1. Look in the mirror and state out loud your intentions to be a non-smoker.
  2. Bad mouth every cigarette from now on. No more relaxing and drawing deeply. Stand up and wonder what on earth you are doing.
  3. Make a list of what smoking has cost you, financially, emotionally and health wise.
  4. When you are about to smoke delay it for the duration of 10 deep breaths.
  5. Imagine yourself being 80 and skiing down a slope or whatever you would like to be doing at that age, and ask yourself what do I need to do today to make that happen.

Source by Ian Newton



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